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Stizostedion Lucioperca

We sell our fish worldwide!

Our company P&G International Trading is located in Berlin, Germany and deals as a wholesale enterprise since 1994 with deep frozen pike perch filets. Receiving our products without any intermediaries directly from the producer, there are short distances both to our cold-store depot in Berlin an on demand directly to our clients worldwide. Among them are countries of the European Union, the Switzerland, east and southern Europe, Asia northern America and other regions. Get sure that you will find our prices very compatative!

Our Lucioperca filets

skin on, (on demand skin off), scaled, IQF,

glazing about 10%.

Nice cuts, very good trimmed, best quality




Our sizes

40-70 g

70-120 g

120-170 g

170 - 230 g

230 - 300 g

300 - 500 g

500 - 800 g

800 g +

Scientific name: Stizostedion lucioperca

Fishing grounds: from freshwater fishing

Origin: Russia, Kazakhstan, the Baltic states    

Pike perch is also available in other kinds (on demand), for example as portions,

skin on; as whole fish; gutted, head on and other kinds.

Contact us

tel.:   +49 176 222 57 750

e-mail: lucioperca@ymail.com